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The Delaware BioScience Association will:

1. Be a catalyst for the development of a cohesive biotechnology community in Delaware and the Mid-Atlantic region

2. Facilitate the development of strategic partnerships among state and regional pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, medical device companies, agricultural interests and research institutions

3. Be the public policy leader and the principal public advocate for the bioscience community in Delaware

4. Advance public understanding of and appreciation for the role that the bioscience industry plays in shaping the future of healthcare; in developing drugs, vaccines, devices and diagnostics that save and improve the lives of patients; in promoting the quality of life worldwide; and in contributing to our local, national, and global communities and economies

5. Develop opportunities to increase funding for our members

6. Be a leader in statewide efforts to educate, retain, and attract a diverse, high quality biosciences workforce

7. Provide the highest quality programs and most cost effective services to our members

8. Work closely with the Delaware Economic Development Office to recruit new bioscience companies to Delaware

9. Promote member companies to an international audience at the annual meeting of the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO).